Victoria Pier warehouse construction

Victoria Pier warehouse construction


Originally an outer wall of St Helier’s main harbour, land reclamation since the 1970s has seen the 1846 Victoria Pier gradually subsumed among light industrial units and marine storage. 

The site for constructing the warehouse lies mainly on land reclaimed from the sea south of the pier’s former outer wall, and partly over the old sea wall. 

Among constraints affecting any construction work in this built-up area are oversight conditions imposed by Ports of Jersey, need to comply with designated Regeneration Zone requirements and various considerations relating to this being a Safety Zone for Hazardous Development.



Construction of a non-perishable goods storage warehouse on concrete base providing 675 square metres of floor space. 


Services provided:

BGR were contracted to install 115 x 720mm diameter piles required to support the new warehouse, using normal cased bored piling techniques to complete the work. 


Specialist techniques employed:

Among the piles, 26 required sinking through 10 metres of old seawall, which had been constructed from granite, to reach bedrock below. BGR achieved this through 260 metres of coring using a specialist 720mm diameter core barrel, at the slower drilling rate of one or two days per pile.