Victoria Pier

BGR is currently working on a large scale project at Victoria Pier for a local Jersey company requiring new warehouse development.

This complex assignment requires 115 x piles using the Bored Cast Insitu or BCI piling method. The main reason for the specific piling method employed is 26 x piles are through an existing granite seawall 10m deep before hitting the sea bed. 

The original seawall of Victoria Pier was built between 1841and 1846. Queen Victoria named it during the first Royal Visit to the Island in 1846.

The Piles are installed using a 620mm ø rotary core barrel coring through the seawall to the seabed then into the bedrock.

The project is 13 weeks in duration, and we are now over 60% complete. Once complete, the LB-20 will go to IFC 6 and continue piling there.

The key problem on this project is the ability to drill through significant obstructions such as the seawall with large diameter equipment.